“Wait The time will come to set things right. Events take shape as night creates and renews opportunities to forgive, as we have been forgiven. Wait The time will come to do what’s right. New dawns will arise and bring forth fresh light that will shed itself over these enshrouded events. Now The time has […]

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Morning People

“I hate early mornings. No one’s at their peak at 6 AM. Not you, not the mark, nobody. Not even those so-called ‘morning people’. How do I know? Well, what’s the first thing most people do when they wake up? Get a coffee. Wouldn’t need coffee if they were actually awake in the first place. […]

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Show Me a Man

Show me a man, be he short or tall, round or rail-thin,Show me a man, be he a bedraggled hobo or a powerful executive,¬†Show me a man, be he black, white, green, or anything in between,Show me a man, any man,and I’ll show you someone who will¬†still laugh at fart jokes.

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Raw Closure

At first, the shock of lossleft me hollow, void. I crawled inside myself,insulated by my griefand self-doubt and -pity. It was all I could do to openmy eyes on a given morn. A mere mention of youfelt like a scab,newly hardened,suddenly ripped away. On the rare occasion ofpublic appearance,I viewed the world throughnarrowed eyes,as though […]

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I blew it.It hits me in the pit of my gutWhere it sits and grinds like a mill stone.I search your eyes for a glimmer,Any spark for hope,But I can’t see it…Because I’m blinded byFeelings of failure and despairOr because it’s truly gone,I don’t know… Damn.

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Bad Movies

Let's get togetherjust you and meand spend the night watching bad movies.Laughing at bad actinggroaning cuz they're so cornyjust you and me and a bunch of bad movies.

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Old Bandages

A heart, left bleeding in the wake of betrayal – partially mended by the healer called Time, loosely wrapped in old bandages desperately in need of changing, scabs continually ripping open and bleeding anew – cries out to be healed, mended forever, cared for and loved by one as if it were their own, to […]

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