Part III, with explanation (1 April)

‘kay, I swear this one’s the last one for tonite, cuz I’m starting to wear out now


You think it’s cheesy, I know, but is it?/ These feelings are corny you say, but are they?/ They’re real, they’re mine/ I feel this time/ it could really happen./ I don’t wanna mess this up/ I’m flying high as a mountain top/ To ruin this would bring me down/ all the way to the ground/ And I’m not sure I can handle that./ Come, fly with me/ spread your wings/ take this chance/ this could last/ This is real…. But is it?


Yeah, I actually titled this one, cuz I’ll admit, I always made fun of guys and gals who got all googely-moogely over each other. Then, one day (actually this past Tuesday) it hit me, and I understood. That doesn’t mean I can explain it, I just know now what I didn’t know before. I added the “But is it?” line at the end to show the insecurity of infatuation, lust, love, crushes (whatever emotion you want to call it). The title’s there cuz I started it as a sappy love-poem, and it really started to sound like a cliche. Then the last stanza I think I may have stolen from a song or two (mash-up, maybe?) but it sounds good… but I had to add that little “Ryan-ism”, just cuz I feel wierd when I write all mushy. Wow, I’m starting to feel like Strindberg, writing his Prologue to “Miss Julie”… “I wrote it this way, not that way, and it sounds like this, not like that…” [if anyone actually reads this stuff and knows what I’m talking about, lemme know, otherwise I’m gonna get slammed by the folks back home for being such an arts-geek]


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