Part IV (3 April)

I did something today
I don’t normally do
I don’t know why
I don’t know why

It might have been hurtful
It might have been mean
It might have been spiteful
It might not have been

Something I meant
Something I wished
Something I dreamed of
Something I…

I’m not really like that
I’m not really that sad
I’m not really uncaring
I’m really not bad

Forgiveness I need
Forgiveness I seek
Forgiveness I wish for
Forgiveness, I plead


I am not strong
I am not solid
I am not perfect
I am merely human
Envy can consume
Greed can overtake
Pride can override
Flaws abound

Look past the man
Look past the smile
Look past the mind
Look past the limp
Look past the laughter
Look past the eyes
Look past the cracks
Look past me
and see who I am.


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