Part X – The Eternal Struggle against a Darkening Mind

The masquerade has been broken
True faces are revealed
Dark powers are invoked in
Attempts to reconceal

The Awakening has begun
We are past the point of Redemption
There is no one smoking gun
All are to blame in some function

But the Bloodline has been tainted
The Ancient has grown weak
The sky has yet to be painted
His vengeance still to wreak

There is yet time for one last struggle
United we must remain standing
Not hidden in some dark hovel
We can defeat this, but not handily

There will be losses
There will be pain
There will be sacrifice
And death
and suffering.

But all it takes is one small ray
One spark of light
To chase the darkness from the fray
And claim victory over the night.

As long as I am living
and able to fight
I will continue my striving
to be a ray of light

Even if I am the last
The remnant of lost days
A reminder of the past
When it was the light that held sway


7 thoughts on “Part X – The Eternal Struggle against a Darkening Mind

  1. i know exactly! chessey is the word, they’ve bitten off too much. note the lead character is the director so it’s only a step up from xena warrior princess. it’s gotta be better than catwoman though…right?


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