Part XII (ish)


Disenfranchised with the old
Becoming a jaded and bitter troll
The spark fading from within
The spirit’s light is growing dim

It’s time to leave this present behind
To rework and retool this state of mind
To everything they say there is a time
And now change is the next in line

Awakened opportunity awaits it’s chance
To take the lead in this new dance
New days will dawn, new horizons grow near
The only option to face it with uncertain fear

Tomorrow’s the promise of things unseen
Things which few yet dare to dream
But those dreams are revealed in time’s light
They give our hearts and hopes the ability to take flight.


10 thoughts on “Part XII (ish)

  1. awesome. do you read dan and chells stuff? you should…i think you guys would get along famously!i’ll let em know about you cuz i think you’re writing is onto something…thx for the tribute name there…


  2. actually, today was the first time I’ve read dan’s stuff. thanks for tuning me into it, it’s fantastic. as for chells, I don’t know where to go to check it out, so I haven’t read any (yet). if someone could point me in the right direction, that’d great.


  3. okay, dp, I was mistaken. I *have read chells’ stuff. that Hymn to Isis haunted for a couple of days, just b/c of my background in history/classics. I really dig her stuff. props to you for tuning me in (again).


  4. Well well well…talking about me behind my back are we? hahaThe one i loved most was part VII (9 Avril)…that was awsome.Looking foward to reading more! Especially those stories..


  5. So I found a really good pic that I want to post, b/c I feel that it captures the feeling of this poem, but I’m not too sure on how to do that. Would anyone like to help a guy out, please?Jagstar (who I now know is aka chells), someday those stories will all be told, but they get insanely gut-wrenching to write at times, so I need a break in b/w. It’s going to be really hard to write from the mom’s PoV (mostly since a: I’m a guy, which means b: I have no sense of what goes on inside the female mind) But challenges are a good way to grow, and I also look forward to seeing her story unfold.Ali, I don’t know why you’re thanking me or even if you ARE thanking me. So from whomever you’re thanking, you’re welcome.


  6. ali is thaking you because you dujmmed it up as we’ve been saying for days!fuck man don’;t act like you don;t get it!i likeyourshite! i find ithard to belive you aint’ twisting necks to get itpublished. and if you arne;tyou shouldbe. becasueifi get it you aint no glen garry glenn ross . its for the slow folk like me that get it! carry on…ever heard of a fellow called agent x?


  7. RG , that book i referred to ‘Eleven minutes’ by Paulo Coehlo is about a woman who is a prostitute..and the author was SO in touch with the female mind/soul…that i couldn’t beleive this was writen by a man! You must check it out….


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