Part XIV

Head in the clouds
for the tenth time today
dreaming of that place
where I used to play
Remembering the rigs
the cables, chords and stands
the amps, the keys, the gigs
my sticks, the bass, the band
Smiling at how we jam
and dream and rip
through our sets
Recalling how lost I’d get
when the rythym began to flow
how we’d come together and gel
the high we’d get from everything
from the lighter-producing acoustic bits
to the floor-breaking full-bore rock

There were no tears when we all left
just “let’s do it again sometime”

Brought back to reality
I don’t want to be here
I want to go back
and live out our teenage dreams

It will always be a part of me
and I will always wonder
should I have stayed?

How I miss it sometimes
God I miss it…


2 thoughts on “Part XIV

  1. 10th time today huh? What brought on this mood i wonder?In any’s never too late.Images of my own past flashed in my mind…so good job!!


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