Stockholm Syndrome

Descending into this Malkavian state
Devoid of the basic principles of sanity
Without the outward appearance of such
No one believes that it exists

The thoughts flying around
Cannot be described in a human capacity
They’re so obviously alien to the outside
But make such complete sense to me

I see that which most decline to acknowledge
The eternal struggle on the angelic plane
The titanic clashes of immaterial good and evil
Bring me to my knees in physical pain

This which has captured me so
is that which is torturing me so

But given the opportunity and the will
There is no force in me that could kill
That which has ensnared me
Encumbered my mind
Embroiled my soul
Sustained me
with pure


2 thoughts on “Stockholm Syndrome

  1. for an ex gapper you got a lot of worldliness about you! i like this one the most thus far.but i’m a bit of a moral self deprecating sadist


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