Temporary Blindness

Disoriented by this sudden onslaught of Darkness
Confused by the lack of a sense
Stumbling up agianst one wall, then another
Enshrouded in this metaphysical fence

Feeling my way down the hall to curl up on the floor
Drawing a blanket(?) near for comfort
I fumble for the remote, the phone, just to hear a voice, any voice
Even the radio, which never has anything decent to report

But I don’t own a radio
the phone is dead
and the couch ate the remote again
So I’m left alone in my void

Suddenly I’m not alone anymore
Blinding light pierces the shroud
I have to squint to make sense of it
Then I exclaim out loud

I can see again
the sun, the trees, the city life
I see it all through fresh eyes
my reward for enduring past strife

Everything’s normal again
Never to be the same again


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