I was going to write a parody of the Dave Matthews Band song Gravedigger, entitled Nose Picker, but as I was listening to the song, I realized that I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. I don’t know if it’s because I used to work for a funeral home or what, but I just couldn’t bring myself to desecrate that song. That sucks, cuz it would’ve been really funny…

So I’ll just do it this way.

Nose picker
with your finger way up there
digging for gold
knuckle to the nostril
what happens when you find it?

Do you flick?
Do you lick?
Pick and flick?
Pick and lick?
Pick, flick, lick?
either way….



7 thoughts on “Garn

  1. Flicking and licking are both things i do yes.And to your previous post, i find that writing with my mind full so much easier.Now..back to licking…


  2. Are you human? If you’re human, then I think you have a sense of humour.Pitt, this is EXACTLY what my so-called ‘higher-education’ has taught me to do. Express myself in creative ways. I think.


  3. I would have never visited this site again if you did anything bad to my lovely Dave.About the trip to Montreal, when were you planning on going? Did you check flights? Sometimes they really are cheaper despite popular belief.


  4. No, when I go, I’ll go by land. I had an argument with heights when I was a kid, and we’ve never reconciled. I’m thinking after I graduate next spring, I’ll spend quite a while out East. I have close friends at Waterloo and McMaster that I’ll hang with, and I want to catch the Shakespeare festival in Stratford. Plus I hear Montreal is such a cool place. I want to do it all in one summer too, ideally before I start teaching.


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