Reality 0.2

Close your eyes
to the false reality
that is broadcast
to the world
by propagandist
war-mongering fools
and those who support them.
Look around,
go outside,
experience life,
real life,
YOUR life
and find what is
truly important.


2 thoughts on “Reality 0.2

  1. yes look at your life, isn’t it great?How great would it be if you were in Iraq or Afghanistan – you take everything for granted just like a spoild little idiot!


  2. what, you don’t? I use the things available to me to draw attention to that which I feel needs to be seen in a new light. It’s called an “internal revolution”. read a book some time; start with Dr. Seuss, and when you grow up and start thinking for yourself, come back and tell me I’m an idiot again, if you truly believe that.


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