Reality 0.3

Inter-personal communication
is so easy and convenient
these days, but
there is more to it
than just reading their
words or hearing
their voice.
It’s a total-body experience.
Talk face-to-face,
See the expressions,
Hear the words,
Feel the emotion,
All together.
Technology, as
wonderful as it is,
cannot replace that.
It’s part of what makes us human.
Total embracing of
technology will mean
sacrificing parts of
our humanity.

It has already begun,
this tragedy.


5 thoughts on “Reality 0.3

  1. uh, I have no idear what all the market stuff is about on that site, eddie.Pitt, the tragedy is that many of our youth are spending too much time with technology and not enough with other people, and, in my opinion, are ending up sacrificing parts of their humanity. They’d rather chat on MSN to their friend 3 houses down the street than walk over and chat face-to-face. THAT’S the tragedy, in my eyes.


  2. i see your point. yet it also allows us to communicate with ppl at far distances… all depends on how one looks at it, i guess. ’tis a tool, and it’s up to the person on how they choose to use it.


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