Reality 0.4

Endless games of phone tag
unanswered emails
and hurt feelings.
The result of “technological advancement”
a recession of personality
We’ve forgotten how to laugh out loud;
now we just “LOL”
Hiding behind the false mask of anonymity
the computer screen provides,
forgetting that there are people out there
who can see you
even if you can’t see them

We see through webcams
into other people’s lives
things that need
fixing, but forget that
our own lives are in shambles.
And when relationships go sour
or a friend becomes one no longer
it’s easier to hit ctrl-alt-delete
than make an attempt at reconciliation.
What makes this so much easier?
Is it because we have tangible personal firewalls
that we set up to limit other people’s access to
our lives? We can set up routers and hubs and
all kinds of other junk
to force people and information
into a path of our choosing,
and when we try to do that
in a real-life setting
we get confused and frustrated
and scared when it doesn’t go
our way.

Irony = the use of technology to publish anti-technology rants.

or, as I call it – realism.

turn your enemy’s strengths against him; fight The System by using The System.


One thought on “Reality 0.4

  1. hmmm if I were to read these chronologically, I might have saved you the trouble of reading my comments hehe…but yeah that's basically along the same line of thought I had…

    technology does not “create” friends, it does not “develop” relationships…the only thing it does is it increases convenience, it facilitates the connection. I don't necessarily think that that's a good thing, why? well, because people are lazy by nature, the more convenient something is, the less important it becomes in your life. The easier it is for you to get something, the less interesting it becomes to chase it.

    A friend of mine was telling me recently that he did not want to create a facebook account because he did not want to get sucked into the social media “thing”. He wanted for people who were interested in staying in touch with him to actually, physically, pick up the phone and call him or email him to set up a meet. He did not want to be a product of convenience, you would see his name on an activity and suddenly remember him and “write on his wall” or “inbox him” as the case may be.

    That's a little extreme for my taste, I don't think you should completely shut people out that way and “force” them to seek other ways to get in touch, because…..tam tam tada, people are lazy and…forgetful. That of course does not mean the immediate close circle of friends, but rather the extended circle.

    In any case, technology only seems to help people get in touch with each other across countries/nations/cultures, but for the friends you care about? the ones you are already in touch with via other less technological means, those will fall into the bad habit of looking for the easy way out. We all opt for the easy way, it's…easier 😉

    anyway, enough ranting…hehe but I'd just given these topics a bit of thought recently and I am glad that someone out there is actually contemplating the same things! Although, you've got a bit of a lead (time-wise) hehe.

    My comments are not made on the condition of anonymity, but rather of convenience 🙂 hehe


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