Days go by…

Cruising along
with no purpose in mind
floating on the wind
just riding the tides

is this truly life
or just avoidance of death?
Have I truly lived?
I don’t know yet.

But my gut, it says no,
and my heart yearns for more
there’s a lot left to do,
there’s forever to live for.

I’ll number my days
and live as full as I can
and at the end of my time
they’ll say

He seized his days
He lived his life
and died a happy man.

Carpe the diems, kids. There are only so many left.


4 thoughts on “Days go by…

  1. I haven’t seen you yet!!! Where are you hiding, with the BTU OL’s??? Make sure to make lots of noise so I can see you in your hawt orange t-shirt, especially if you see me in my SO FRESH green one!!-Jeanine


  2. Hey Ryan!Just wanted to say that I moved myblog…The new addy ishailey27.blogspot.comIf youcould update the link on your sidebar, I’ll love you forever!Cheers


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