just a li’l bit?

hahaha…. update time…

I’m back in Edmonton. Been here almost a week already. Volunteered to “Orientate” the fresh meat at the university…. I gotta say, it was an absolute blast! I wish I wasn’t graduating this year, so I can do it again next year… ha! Naw, seriously, it was fun. But I’m even more stoked (stoked-er?) to be FINISHED!!! By this time next year, there’s a good chance I’ll be in charge of teaching high school kids how to read and write and why Hitler was bad. Sweet, eh? and now, in honour of the occasion, a spontaneous poem….

back to grind
fresh, rested
and re-energized
the clock is ticking,
tocking, running down
to the end of my time
Melancholy, yeah, but
bittersweet too.
Happy to leave,
with a sad farewell,
I’ll offer fond greeting
to the door to my future
and boldy step on through.


4 thoughts on “just a li’l bit?

  1. 2 PS’s….I saw you jeanine!!! in your SO FRESH green shirt!!pitt, can you guess the ref’s in the post? not really 1%ers, but not blatant either…


  2. MUGS!! Sooooooooo FRESH!!!Ahaha, Orientation rocked my socks. I’m sad that you’re not gonna be back again next year. But I will carry on in your memory. YARR!!!


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