To shut out the
pain and
release all the
hate I find
myself drowning
in a kind
of symbiotic
relationship with
I look to the
heavens and
see only grey
clouds as heavy
with rain as my
heart is with
And with the
suddeness that
often accompanies,
the deluge
begins, and
with the same,
but different,
suddeness, it’s
The adrenaline rush
subsides only
to be replaced
with an
onslaught of grief
and shame and
I’m alone.
It’s been forever,
with an eternity to go.


3 thoughts on “stasis

  1. its so nice to hear from you as well! it has been a while. wow your creativity is endless… impressive!!although it is unfortunate that you and i feel that incompleteness due to our yerning for love… its also comforting to known that i’m not the only one. *hugs*


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