“Quickly in, quickly out, if you do
it right there’s barely even a mess.
Maybe a little foam, a little slobber,
but there’s hardly ever any redness
around. Wire? Huh, you watch too
many movies. Wire’s too messy.
And in this business, it’s all about
non-existance. I’m a myth; I’m
the monster that everyone knows
exists, but just can’t believe it. So I
don’t. Easy, right? But I’m tired man.
I’m tired of not being anybody. I
want to be somebody. I want to be
Joe Schmuck filling his mid-sized sedan
with regular unleaded at the cheapest
station in the city. The money’s good,
but it doesn’t buy what I really want.
I just want a spot that’s MINE. One that
I’ve worked for, earned my right to be
there. Yeah I can buy one, but it just
doesn’t feel the same. My whole life feels
like it came off of a shelf somewhere, like
that impulse buy everyone makes that
seems perfect at the time, but when it’s all
said and done, what do you do with it?
Where does it go? It doesn’t go anywhere,
doesn’t belong anywhere. And you can’t
return it, because you lost the sales slip in the parking lot.”


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