sidewalk decorations

I was gonna post some bull-fwop poem that I whipped up in 30 seconds flat, just so’s I’d have a fresh post this week, but then I stopped, thought, and said to myself, “Self, that’s garbage. And if YOU don’t like, why the hecks are you gonna post it?” and I realized, hey, I got a good point there. So I’m not gonna post that piece of garbage. Instead, I’ll post THIS piece of garbage. So there you go. Actually, there *I* go. Cuz really, I don’t post for anyone who happens to read it. I post for myself. And right now, the only thing I have to say to myself is what’s just been written.


4 thoughts on “sidewalk decorations

  1. I just post the ones that are complete bollocks and finish them with “this post brought to you by Complete Bollocks Inc”.Works a treat.


  2. ha, I just did the exact same thing the other day! Wow, family is way to tight in certain regards…


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