There is always another option

There is always another option.

Sometimes it seems as though it’s the wrong choice, because the road it leads you down is twisted and mangled with a multitude of obstacles.

But who said that life was supposed to be easy?

The great thing about having family and friends is that you surround yourself with people whom you trust to give you honest answers and/or opinions. You get to look at situations from a multitude of perspectives. An example of this is a diamond cutter. He doesn’t just take a quick glance and start chipping away. He surveys the entire rock, looking for natural breaks and seams that allow for the best possible course of action, that being the greatest gain with a minimum of loss. Note how there is a “minimum” of loss… that doesn’t mean there isn’t any. There are always some pieces of the diamond that cannot be included without ruining the entire gem. But by looking from a bunch of different angles, the cutter minimizes loss, and the end result is a precious gem of intense value. And sometimes the pieces left behind can be extracted after the initial cutting is complete, each adding extra value to the set.

What’s your diamond? What are your options?


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