made in somniac

everyone needs to re-focus, re-center themselves from time to time in the ‘real world’ (rw). what continually surprises me is that people naively believe that since this is the ‘virtual world'(vw), rw rules don’t apply.


so that means we don’t need to take a break? we are to put our daily lives on hold to feed the gaping maw and voracious appetite of the collective insanity?


the vw is a by-product of the rw. always has been. always will be. it’s just now, with the added and continual (and mind-boggling speed of) advent of technology, we are able to share a visualization of our personal delerium. put your mind in the 19th century. do you know what they’d do to someone like us if they could see into our minds like we allow today? they’d knock holes in your forehead and temples, or shove a wire up your nose and lobotomize you. you’d be catatonic, but cured.


and that’s just it. it is weird. but that’s okay. weird is the norm in the vw. but it’s not the norm in the rw…. at least it’s not accepted as the norm in the rw. so why should the norm in the vw be held to the same rules as that of the rw?


not good enough. we use computers as tools of expression. they are a means to an end. they are tireless machines built by walking meat-bags to accomplish what they cannot because they need sleep, whereas a simple machine goes until it is shut down or outdated.

(what are you trying to say?)

I don’t really know. I’m tired, quite sore, restless and uncreative. It’s not up to me to analyze, only to write. Draw your own conclusions; I’m going to bed.


One thought on “made in somniac

  1. this post was written a very long time ago, so I'm not sure if you're even going to read this…but I couldn't resist not commenting because it is still as true today as it was when you first posted it…

    The rw and vw are not held to the same rules because the vw allows people to behave a lot closer to their “inner selves” than they would in the rw.

    There are generally two types of people: (1) those who completely let loose under a condition of anonymity or (2) those who are true to themselves regardless.

    The first group are more comfortable in the vw since they have an invisible shield to hide behind, they feel that they are more comfortable being themselves “online” than they could in real life interactions. So they assume no rules, and go about expressing themselves however they see fit. Unfortunately there are those who take advantage of this and act like total bullies and there are others who just need a way by which they can vent.

    The second group of people are those who are sincere and true to themselves, deep down in their core, they know exactly who they are and do not care about what kind of “image” they exude to the general public. So they do not need a mask to hide behind and just allow for their thoughts and ideas to be shared with the general public. And although the majority of these people will contest my earlier statement about “they know exactly who they are” maybe even quite vehemently, I will explain why I think that's true. Some people, of which I think you are one, are continuously looking into themselves from a “deeper” perspective. They write not because they want fame or fortune, but they consider it a creative outlet. It helps clarify things in their mind, none of us, no matter how much conviction we have, actually know who we are. It is not possible, because we are continuously changing, step by step, we change and evolve, sometimes to the better and sometimes to the worse. The point is, we change, it's like a continuously changing mathematical function, how can you predict it? or even claim to have found a method or a model that proves you have captured the very essence of the data you are analyzing? But, I digress…

    Just because there is no face-to-face interaction, people feel a lot more secure sitting behind their machines, lashing out/reaching out/discussing/sharing information, because their vulnerability is easily hidden. The simple basic rules of human interaction are, for the most part, pretty consistent between two “Realms” but the more detailed you look, the more different they become…

    I may be on a totally different track than what you originally intended from the post, but here's what I made of it! Also note the “change quote” that was posted on an earlier (mmm, maybe it was a later?) post.

    Continuous improvements, no matter how small or insignificant, have a tremendous effect on our behaviour and general perception of ourselves. This has nothing to do with this specific post, but as a general theme of the posts on this website, I believe it'll tie in.

    If I'm at all as good of a “people person” (I believe I am great at reading people successfully with great accuracy with little interaction with them) then I do believe you might be thinking well…which category does this person fall under…well… šŸ™‚

    I have heard this quote several times before but not quite sure where but “keep on keeping on”, I encourage you to continue writing, it's an empowering technique that “forces” (kind of a tough word but it's what came to mind) to evaluate, think and articulate thoughts and ideas a lot better than if you just sit and think to yourself. It sometimes feel like you might just might be over-analyzing things a teeny tiny bit but it's a great technique to force you to be true to yourself and to find out which areas you need to contemplate, improve upon, work less on…etc

    best of luck with everything!


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