unchecked and unbounded

The joy I feel in the light on this presence transcends the night of this existence it takes me to a higher plane seen by few and of unknown name for the words of our world are too crude to do justice to this place that is a first step for beginners and a second chance for sinners everyone on equal ground both those blessed to heaven or damned to hell share secrets hoarded from times beyond tell and everyone is at very least content with him or her self no need to gaze upon shattered pieces of a life once whole not to be repeated till Jesus come or Demon-fall or just maybe never at all who can tell for what need this place is in essence that which everyone dreams wisping and wicking tendrils of mist mingling with dancing and flicking fingers of flame that burn within the hearts and souls of some young and some old for youth is quick to forget while age begets the time for remembrance but not always the ability to regain that forlorn nobility and yet all should ever gaze forward toward distant land for there is always the horizon and an unseen sands to beach the jetty for short whiles and explore the misty forest for miles then back to the pitch and roll of the seas that inspires countless dreams.


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