Truth vs Want

The Greater Good is delivered and reviewed in the sanctity of dreams, revealed in visions, some may say delusions, but those who would are those who are threatened, or perceive an immediacy of threat — they are the status quo, and therefore the “obvious” targets beyond which the truth is hidden and only precision of mind and celerity of action can bring it forth.

Truth does not obfuscate. We are being trained not to see it.

“Those that hunt for the truth are destined to find it.” I disagree, Nigel. They are less likely to find it — “it” being the complete, unabashed, unabridged, unadulterated truth. Oh, of course they’ll always find something; I bring to light a recent experience of hunting for car keys and finding change enough for bus fare. What I found will still get me somewhere, but it wasn’t what I was looking for. What truth-seekers find is all-too-often the merest fragment of truth surrounded by enough candy-coated plausibility to make it seem whole, and therefore fool the seeker into settling for a couple of doubloons and a rusty cutlass when there’s an overflowing chest of riches mere feet away.

Just beware that the treasure-hole being dug doesn’t turn out to be a grave. Shore up the walls of the tunnel, or else come prepared for your funeral.


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