What makes you think you can do what you do? Eat more pills buddy, you’re fading fast. You bitch and moan about how your life sucks because you have no friends. Well no shit. If you took some time off work once or twice a week, called someone you knew, you might make a friend or two. But only for a short while, because you’re so fricken anal you’ll end up trying to “improve” them, have them “take control of their life”, because it’s not going according to the plan YOU think it should be. You don’t want friends. You don’t want a room mate. You don’t want a girlfriend. You want a fucking robot, something that will take your commands and immediately alter its programming to follow your fucking “suggestions”. “I wonder about what’s going on in your life”? What’s going on in YOURs, fuck-skull? Oh yeah, NOTHING, because you’re ALWAYS FUCKING WORKING. It doesn’t piss me off that you’re gone all the time; what pisses me off is that YOU CHOOSE that way of life, then WONDER WHY YOU’RE SO LONELY!!! FUCK! Take a step back, buddy! Look at what you’re doing! You have NO TIME for other people! And you wonder why you’re so horny!!


And then you cancel your fucking newspaper subscription, and then blame ME for stealing your paper? I DON’T EVEN READ THE FUCKING NEWSPAPER!!!!

But you’d know that if you were ever around.

Then after you flip out and falsely accuse me of random things, accuse my parents (??!?) of being bad parents (projecting much?), and be an all-around fuck-nut screwball, you come meekly back and ask for forgiveness and say how much you’re sorry and how can it be repaid…. IT CAN’T. Get over it.

God’s calling you to be a leader?? Leaders need to be humble. You are not humble. You may think you’re humble, but that’s just another one of your delusions.

I won’t be a scapegoat for your vices. I refuse to take the blame for your inadequacies. You’re an adult now; time to act like one.

God, give me strength to endure this month…. God, give me strength to endure this week… God, give me strength to endure the rest of today…


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