The randomness I happen to see
Watching people over the week

The guy who tries to look cool
and attempts to hock a loog
but gets more on himself than
on the ground
and quickly looks to see if
anyone’s around….

A man and a woman on a blind date:
“I’m Rosemary, hi.”
“I’m Basil, after you…”
And you might think otherwise,
but the rest was pretty bland and sedate…

A student of the bus gets up for a senior,
bumps into the man in the aisle
who slides into the seat just before
the old man gets there…

The guy you meet on the street,
it’s snowing, blowing and cold,
he’s shivering in a thin sweater
because he just gave his coat away.

He asks you for some change for a coffee,
and you’d give it to him, this time, anyway,
but you just used it for bus fare…

The little girl crying because
they just traded her hockey hero
away… she says she’ll never
wear his number on her jersey no more,
to which her daddy says,

It’s not his fault; he wanted to stay;
he wanted to play, especially for kids like you…

even though her daddy’s feeling the same way as she…

the same way as me…


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