the new wave of death rises and fall with a pointless devotion to an endless vagarity

brother versus brother versus the Father’s will plays on the news while the spaghetti boils

keepers of secrets are just those who lack the fortitude to accept consequence

the air is foul with the stench of complacency

this is the name for our newfound insanity

the link between the past and the future is being take for granted

silence abandons all hope

the life of a revolution is too dependent on the lives of the people involved

turn a cheek, get another slap

this path is not hard to follow –
how hard can it be to wrap your head around Straight?
how hard is it to understand Narrow?

cease your existence – LIVE

truth hits like a shotgun blast to the face, flaying the layers of lies and masks to reveal the pulsing and ugly structure underneath

the words “I don’t know” should infuriate you by now; so why am I not hearing anything?

so be it.


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