So stupid, it might just work…


– Man, secretly in love with…
– Woman
– Friends (male and female)

Part 1 – Party, everyone

Woman & Friends, talking about boys
Man & Friend in corner, chatting

1 – What about Kenny?
2 – He’s cute…
Woman – But he smells like cheese.
1- Then what about Man?
Woman (laughs) – I’d have to be crazy to be with him!

Man (overhears, to 3) – I have a plan…
3 (confused) – For what?
Man – To get the woman of my dreams.
3 (amused, sarcastic)- Oh yeah? How so?
Man – Oh, you’ll see…

Part II, later in the week
Friends, in background

Man (to 3) – Here we go
walks up to Woman, starts waving a large rose in front of her face, saying – Woooooo! WoooOOOOoo!
Woman – What are you doing?
Man – Wooing you! Woooo…
Woman – Well, stop!
Man woos on
Woman – Stop it! What are you doing?!
Man – Wooing you to me! WooooOOOooOo…
Woman – Stop it! It’s driving me crazy!
Man stops – So is that a “yes”?
Woman confused – What? Yes what?
Man – You said you’d have eto be crazy to be with me. Well, I’ve driven you crazy… so will you go out with me now?
Woman (speechless)
Friends are all standing, mouths open, disbelief
3 starts roaring with laughter – ATTABOY!



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