Love Metaphors (pt II)

Love Metaphors (pt II)

I read once that love is a rushing wind
That carries one off to new and exciting places
Where adventures await and so does
Happily Ever After.
Well, you know what else comes with a rushing wind?
A tornado. And it leaves a swath of wreckage
Through cornfields and trailer parks
And lifts young girls to fantasy places
Where lions talk and tin men walk.
But then they click their heels
And find themselves at home,
Wondering if maybe it would've been better
To have just stayed in Oz.

**some people have asked why my view on Love seems so cynical. It's
not. This series of posts is just a commentary on metaphors used to
describe Love, and not Love itself. I actually hold a very Romantic
view on Love, which I reckon one can see through any other posts on
the subject.**


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