Raw Closure

At first, the shock of loss
left me hollow, void.

I crawled inside myself,
insulated by my grief
and self-doubt and -pity.

It was all I could do to open
my eyes on a given morn.

A mere mention of you
felt like a scab,
newly hardened,
suddenly ripped away.

On the rare occasion of
public appearance,
I viewed the world through
narrowed eyes,
as though squinting into a sunrise.

This narrowed focus cost
more than could be forgiven.
Or so I thought.

Time wore on.
Days turned into weeks,
blurred into months.
Months became a year, then two.

Loss became my chrysalis.

The man I am now
does not recognize the man
I was as being the same self.

I’m not over it.
I’ve overcome it.
And damn, does it feel good.


One thought on “Raw Closure

  1. “That which does not kill us makes us stronger.” Sounds cliche, but it's my favourite because I know it to be so true.

    In the end is a new beginning. I'm glad you feel good. Good things are coming your way. 🙂


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