Bedtime Story

I am lying in bed, staring at a three-quarter-moon, imagining the sandman playing peek-a-boo from the dark quarter. He tosses a few grains of sand my way, just enough to lower my eyelids a shade, but then the pain flares and I'm awake again. I shake my fist at the sandman, turn away from the […]

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–more unfinished stuff– My bitterness and shame turn into dustAnd get swept away by your grace and your love

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Memory Serves

–this ain't finished yet, but I'm posting anyway– Wishing life to beAs good as memory servesWasting time to seeWhat could've beenMaybe should've beenInstead of living life to beBetter than memory serves [tbc…]

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Mind’s Eyes (pt I)

When I was a child,I would ask God for wings,Thinking if only I could fly,I wouldn't be afraid anymore. So God opened my mind's eyes,And they've taken me places whereEven wings fail to reach.And when I fall,I have only to dream,And I'm soaring again.

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You Are Here

Let the fires of heaven burn in this placeSee the spirit of God touching each faceOh God, you are here…. Let the fires of heaven burn in this placeKindling our passion, fueling our faithOh God, you are here… Let the fires of heaven burn in this placeSing the song of redemption that sprung from the […]

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Losing Control

Holding on isn't a problemIt's letting go that's hardLosing my grip on my self,On my heart,Is easier to preachThan to do It's time to let goOf routine and controlLet the reins fall from my handsLet's see where we land Now I'm losing control of my heartAnd it's crazy and scary and finally freeAnd I can't […]

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